A New Challenge & Fresh Training On Taking Soul-Aligned Goals - Seriously. 

Let's Cut to the Chase. You desire something different for your Life. Maybe you're unhappy, Unfulfilled, Bored, Resentful, or simply not doing your purpose-filled work - Let's Change this. Immediately. 

Get Ready for a 3 Day Challenge Built around YOU - Choosing to Follow Your Soul Led Desires. No More Resolutions - It's Time for a Challenge Built on YOU - Following What actually Matters 

Your Soul-Led Life. Join me for a Three Day Challenge on
Re-connecting to your Aligned Vision and Daily Challenges to get your ass into action ;) 

You have a Vision. You have Goals. You're Also Thinking, You got your head in the clouds again, There's no way I deserve this, This can't actually be possible for me.   
Just stop. It's time to Stop the mind chatter.  

And Take your Soul-Aligned Goals - Seriously. 


  • đź’Ł  The Energetic & Practical Approach to Goal Setting Practices - Why traditional Goal setting methods leaves your soul sucked dry, unfulfilled, exhausted, and often misaligned towards what you want. There is a better way, and its time to get back to the core of what makes motivation actually stick. 
  • đź’ŁAllowance VS Resistance - Being "an Energetic Match" is a buzzword that gets lost in translation, let's talk about the importance of Being in "receiving mode" vs Resisting change. The Secret to True Growth lives in understanding Your Resistance. Let's Obliterate it! 
  •  Why Searching for Clarity May be Killing your Results and What to do Instead: 
  • How different Brain wave states can influence your behavior towards your personal goals & actions you take. We don't always think of the obvious things but this can drastically HELP FAST. 
  • What it means to Fully Drop into Soul Flow states of consciousness vs Be in a Fear Led Hustle of Over-compensated action taking with no results to show for it. 
  • Getting your ass out of overwhelm, Negative spirals and searching for 'worthiness' wounds. 
  • How to start Applying a Solid Process to get Results from utilizing the Mind-Body Connection vs. Simple Goal Setting methods. 
  • Why you can't get ahead, "feel behind" & what to do instead. 
  • GET OVER THE HOW - How to properly "Screw the HOW" So you get OVER: Searching for the How, Tripping on Overcoming and Feeling Like You Never caught on and figured out the 'secret code' 
  • Daily Challenges On The Mind-Body Level so you Learn how to Take Soul aligned Action Steps Daily towards your Desired Vision
  • WHY it's important to Get Intentional, NOW, Not later. 
  • The Difference between balancing Masculine -oriented Goals and Feminine Energy Goals for a Soul-Aligned Life. 
  • How you can start to change the way you're Magnetically Attracting with my Simple 3 Step Process - you gotta try it to see it. 
  • How to start to approach change from the IDENTITY LEVEL, vs simply Hustling after goals & Manifesting from a "high vibe only" emotional state of consciousness (gag) 
  • BONUS LIVE TRANSMISSIONS & QUESTIONS: Show up Live for intuitive channelings and messaging made just for you. Soul Transmissions is one of my true gifts, If there's something you're desiring help with or Have a personal Question for me. This is the time to show up live. I don't always do Live trainings and this is a rare treat!  :) 

Go to the Place that Brings you the Most Passion, excitement and inner Joy, This is where you find your Natural Alignment. This is where you will be Wildly Magnetic. 

By Ashley